"Fire at the Lake" with Grap's at Contemporary Art Gallery of Auvers-sur-Oise from March 2nd to May 19th - "Cent_Titre(s) and Nuit Blanche" at Atelier Rochebrune in Paris from May 31st to June 2nd


This series is about the split-up between human kind and nature. We have grown apart from the rest of the living world, little by little. Is it still possible to restore the connection? There is hope, but it is fragile.
Collages of torn up prints, latex prints on 180g unwoven wallpaper, 120x80, ed. 1/5, 2021.
 Fragile I
 Fragile II
 Fragile III
 Fragile IV
 Fragile V
 Fragile VI
 Fragile VII
 Fragile VIII
 Fragile IX
 Fragile X
 Fragile XI
 Fragile XII
 Fragile XIII
 Fragile XIV
 Fragile XV
 Fragile XVI
 Fragile XVII
 Fragile XVIII
 Fragile XIX
 Fragile XX