"Little Nothings" with Grap's at Contemporary Art Gallery of Auvers-sur-Oise from December 2nd to February 25th


Our footprint on the environment is undeniable and becomes heavier all the time. In this series I’ve expressed this footprint by placing a plastic film on my subject: nature in the form of dried plants. The wrinkles of the film transform the subject, by shaping and ultimately erasing it totally…
Scanographs, blueprints on fine art paper, 26x20 (with frame), ed. 1/5, 2021.
 Footprint I
 Footprint II
 Footprint III
 Footprint IV
 Footprint V
 Footprint VI
 Footprint IX
 Footprint VIII
 Footprint XI
 Footprint VII
 Footprint XIII
 Footprint X
 Footprint XVI
 Footprint XV
 Footprint XVII
 Footprint XII
 Footprint XIV
 Footprint XX
 Footprint XIX
 Footprint XVIII