"Fire at the Lake" with Grap's at Contemporary Art Gallery of Auvers-sur-Oise from March 2nd to May 19th - "Cent_Titre(s) and Nuit Blanche" at Atelier Rochebrune in Paris from May 31st to June 2nd


I’m fascinated by peonies, their character that I perceive as both firm and fragile. I have the impression that they have a real personality. In this series I’ve tried to portrait them, alone or in company of others, by playing with the perception of a firm posture or a fragile movement.
Scanographs, blueprints on fine art paper, 26x20 (with frame) / UV prints on acrylic glass, 30x20, ed. 1/5, 2021.
 Peonies I
 Peonies II
 Peonies III
 Peonies IV
 Peonies V
 Peonies VI
 Peonies VII
 Peonies VIII
 Peonies IX
 Peonies X
 Peonies XI
 Peonies XII
 Peonies XIII
 Peonies XIV